A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot a longtime family friends wedding in our hometown of Staunton, Va.  It was actually more of a family affair as the Bride had found family friends or friends to help with everything from the pictures and music to the preacher.  

I met the Groom and Groomsmen on Sears Hill as he wanted the Brides hometown in the background.  We were able to leverage a wonderful look out over the city and the beautiful bridge over the railroad tracks that was constructed just a few years ago.  The ceremony was in the flower garden / back yard to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential House and Library.  Of course, being the middle of July we worried most about a scorching harsh sun but instead we had heavy cloud cover and 100% humidly.  Luckily for me Mary and Scott decided to do a first look and we were able to leverage the beautiful flower garden.  After the ceremony we went down a block to the beautiful Stonewall Jackson Hotel for the reception.